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International Archives of Medicine
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Clinical and Hematological Evaluation of Patients with Sickle Cell Anemia Before and After Four Years of Using Hydroxyurea

Objective: Evaluating clinical and hematological-clinical parameters of patients with sickle cell anemia (SCA) before and after four years of using hydroxyurea (HU). 

Method: A retrospective cohort study implementing a quantitative, descriptive and analytical approach developed in two public teaching hospitals located in the Central-West region of Brazil, from November 2010 to October 2011. Data collection was performed through medical records of 32 patients with SCA to assess clinical and hematological parameters before and after HU treatment. The study was approved by the UFMS Ethics Committee under protocol number 1890/2010.

Results: All of the 32 patients were homozygous with a mean age in the prescription of hydroxyurea of 19.72±7.58 years, an initial dose of 15.59±4.27 mg/kg/day, and 22.48±5.35 mg/kg/day in the fourth year of treatment. Regarding the use of HU, average values of some hematological parameters presented a significant difference in the fourth year compared to the mean values prior to HU use, such as fetal hemoglobin (14.49±7.52%), red blood cells (2.54±0.38×1012/L), hematocrit (25.30±4.03%) and hemoglobin (9.22±3.34g/dL). 

Conclusion: Treatment with hydroxyurea showed a significant increase in fetal hemoglobin levels, increased hemoglobin, hematocrit and average corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, with reduced episodes of pain, infection and acute chest syndrome in such a way as to reaffirm its efficiency in treating these patients.

Keywords: Hemoglobin; Sickle Cell Anemia; Hydroxyurea.

from International Archives of Medicine

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