Protocol Proposal For The Care Of The Person With Venous Ulcer

  • Rodrigo Assis Neves Dantas
  • Daniele Vieira Dantas
  • Gilson de Vasconcelos Torres
  • Quinídia Lúcia Duarte de Almeida Quithé
  • Katia Regina Barros Ribeiro
  • Ellen de Fátima Lima Vasconcelos
  • Tiago Alves de Brito
  • Kezauyn Miranda Aiquoc
  • José Joandson de Souza dos Santos
  • Izabelle Cristine Tarquinio de Carvalho
  • Izabelle Bezerra Costa
  • Rayane Araújo do Nascimento
  • Natália Raiane Silva Vieira
  • Gabryelle de Lima Silva
  • Dayse Medeiros Bezerra
  • Maria Marinah Souza do Nascimento
  • Maria Solange Moreira de Lima
  • Jaciana Medeiros da Costa Dias
  • Emily de Fátima Lima Vasconcelos
  • Isabelle Cristina Braga Coutinho Cunha
  • Michelle Carneiro Fonseca
  • Sergio Balbino da Silva


Objective: To propose a care protocol for the care of the person with a venous ulcer in highly complex services.

Methods and results: This is a methodological study, in three stages: literature review, validation of content and validation in the clinical context. The literature review was carried out from June to August/2011, being the basis for the construction of the Protocol for Venous Ulcers. The content validation included 53 judges (44 nurses, 8 physicians and 1 physiotherapist) selected through the Lattes platform to evaluate the items of the protocol. Validation in the clinical context occurred at the University Hospital Onofre Lopes, in Natal/RN with four judges (nurses), who worked in pairs, evaluating 32 patients with venous ulcers. The protocol was validated with 15 categories: sociodemographic data; anamnesis; examinations; ulcer characteristics; care with the lesion and perilesional area; medicines used to treat the lesion; evaluation and treatment of pain; surgical treatment of chronic venous disease; recurrence prevention (clinical and educational strategies); reference; counter-reference; and quality of life.

Conclusion: The validated protocol regarding content and clinical context was applicable. Its implementation is a viable measure that assists in the reorientation of the team in high complexity services, aiming at wound healing and restoration of the patient´s integral health.

Keywords: Varicose ulcer; Tertiary Health Care; Protocols; Validation studies.

Feb 1, 2017
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