Care Management In The Family Health Support Core: Technologies Operated In The Professional Dimension

  • José Maria Ximenes Guimarães
  • Gerlane Holanda de Freitas
  • Aretha Feitosa de Araújo
  • Maria Claudia de Freitas Lima
  • Élcio Basílio Pereira Machado
  • Cleide Carneiro
  • Maria Elidiana de Araújo Gomes
  • Fernando Luiz Affonso Fonseca
  • Maria do Socorro Sousa
  • Myrla Alves de Oliveira
  • Tatyane Oliveira Rebouças
  • Eduardo Carvalho de Souza
  • Ana Maria Araújo Salomão


Introduction: The Centre for Health Support Family - NASF has a innovative character with potential to concretize change in the organization of services and in care practices, supporting and expanding the solvability of the actions of the teams of the Family Health Strategy - FHS. To this end, it must operationalize technologies, arrangements and care management devices.

Objective: To describe the care management technologies, particularly in the professional dimension, operated by the teams of the Support Centre for Family Health, in its dialogue with the Health Strategy.

Methods: case study with a qualitative approach, with the 12 professionals from a NASF team of Maracanaú, Ceará, Brazil. Focal group was performed. The empirical material was analysed based on the content analysis.

Results: there is evidence of a proposal for production of integral care based on the use of technologies as host, bond, autonomy and accountability. The user approach is based on the principles of the extended clinic. However, there are difficulties related to the regulation of access, the construction of bonds, the construction of therapeutic projects and intersectional articulation.

Final thoughts: it appears necessary to overcome the challenges, strengthen mechanisms for coordination and for negotiation of labour, as well as rethinking the NASF linking logic to a seemingly high number of FHS teams complicates the organization of work processes, building of agendas, weakens the bonds with the users and even the solvency.

Mar 24, 2017
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