Nursing Care For Patients Experiencing Clinical Complications During Haemodialysis

  • Viviane Queiroga Linhares
  • Anne Milane Formiga Bezerra
  • Maria do Carmo Andrade Duarte de Farias
  • Guilherme Gadelha Pereira de Carvalho
  • Raquel Campos de Medeiros
  • Maryama Naara Felix de Alencar Lima
  • Edineide Nunes da Silva
  • Francisco Geyson Fontenele Albuquerque


Introduction: Patients with chronic renal disease treated by haemodialysis experience various changes in their daily lives, which they and their families need to adapt to and cope with.

Objective: To analyse the nursing care of patients with chronic renal failure on haemodialysis who experience clinical complications.

Method: A descriptive, exploratory study was conducted, using a quantitative approach. Data collection was performed using a sample of 73 patients at the Hemodialysis Center located at city of Patos-PB. The sample comprised 73 patients.

Results: 27 (37.0%) were female, aged between 20 and 88 years old. It was found that employees are 49.3% of respondents, in consonance to farmers with 31.5%. The most common complications were weakness (76.7%), headache (46.6%), cramp (43.8%) and pain (32.9%).

Conclusion: The trusting relationship between professionals and patients is paramount, because helps to improve adherence to treatment and, consequently, the reduction of complications; furthermore, educational and preventive actions are facilitated.

Feb 10, 2017
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