Analysis Of Adhesion And Self-Care In Patients Submitted To Lung Transplant In Outpatient Clinic Follow-Up

  • Susana Beatriz de Souza Pena
  • Vera Lúcia Mendes de Paula Pessoa
  • Silvania Braga Ribeiro
  • Ana Ruth Macêdo Monteiro


Introduction: The lung transplant is the only option of survival of the patient affected by a deadly lung disease. The outpatient clinic follow-up requires the patient discipline and responsibility in the face of complex care suggested by the multidisciplinary team. 

Objectives: Meet aspects related to adhesion to treatment and self-care of patients submitted to the lung transplant, accompanied, in outpatients, in a referral hospital in Fortaleza-Ceará-Brazil.

Methods: Exploratory research with qualitative approach, in a referral hospital in cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases in Fortaleza-Ceará, in the period September 2015 to January 2016. 10 patients transplanted lung were interviewed, after approval by the ethics committee of this institution. The Organization and analysis of the data was backed up on phenomenological and theoretical saturation used to meet the significant units.

Results: It was noticed the strong bond established by patients and professionals of the team that accompanies them. That bond is characterized by a relationship of trust between patient and professional, stimulating attendance and adhesion of the transplanted in outpatient visits. Outpatient consultations in lung transplant marked commitment, the accuracy of both periodical transplanted as part of some professional multidisciplinary team. On the other hand, it was observed the lack of autonomy of some categories.

Conclusion: The treatment is complex and requires a commitment of both transplanted and the professionals who make up the lung transplant team. There was the patient's commitment in to adhere to consultations and interest in following the guidance of care. Is necessary joint participation and integral of all categories, in order to promote multiple interventions and educational practices in the singular therapeutic plan of transplanted.

Feb 10, 2017
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