Hospitalizations due to Conditions Sensitive to Primary Care and Performance of the Care Network

  • Layza de Souza Chaves Deininger UFPB
  • Kerle Dayana Tavares de Lucena
  • Elaine Cristina Tôrres Oliveira
  • Leidyanny Barbosa de Medeiros
  • Bruna Taisa Melo Nobrega
  • Roseana Maria Barbosa Meira
  • Adriene Jacinto Pereira
  • Cesar Cavalcanti da Silva


Background: This study aimed to investigate, through the perception of the managers, the performance of the care network of the city of João Pessoa-PB from the profile of hospitalizations for Primary Care Sensitive Conditions (ICSAP). 

Methods and Findings: This is an exploratory descriptive research, with a qualitative approach, carried out with technical directors from the sanitary districts of the municipality of João Pessoa-PB. A semi-structured interview was conducted through a questionnaire containing information about personal data and planning and evaluation of management actions. The analysis was performed using Fiorin's speech analysis technique.It was possible to verify, in this research, differentiated knowledge about the health planning process, underutilization of evaluation instruments and distorted conceptions of its execution.There was also evidence of considerable fragility in the health care network and the need to consider lifelong education as a strategic element for the viability of the work process of the actors involved. 

Conclusions: It was observed that the s ICSAP constitute excellent indicators for assessing performance, however underutilized and therefore should direct efforts to improve the skills, organization and integration of activities and services in health.

Apr 13, 2017
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