Elderly Women's Perception About Nursing Gynecological Consultation: A Comprehensive Analysis

  • Aline Furtado Rosa Mestre pela Escola de Enfermagem Anna Nery/UFRJ. Professor de Saúde da Mulher no Estágio Su´pervisionado em Rede de Atenção Primária. Coordenadora do Programa de Residencia Multiprofissional em Atenção Primária da Faculdade Arthur Sá Earp Neto/ Secretaria Municipal de Saúde de Petrópolis.
  • Gabriela Troyack Beck Enfermeira residente em do Programa de Pós Graduação em Rede de Atenção Primária da Faculdade Arthur Sa´ Earp Neto. Petrópolis Rio de Janeiro- Brasil
  • Ann Mary Machado Tinoco Feitosa Rosas Dr em Enfermagem. Professor Associado da Escola de Enfermagem Anna Nery/UFRJ Rio de Janeiro Brasil
  • Ingrid Fernandes Tito Enfermeira. Professora do Curso Técnico de Enfermagem Escola Santa Catariana Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro- Brasil
  • Tatiana Ferreira Enfermeira chefe do Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
  • Adriana da Silva Santiago Mestre em Enfermagem pela Escola de Enfermagem Anna Nery/UFRJ. Professor Assistente do Departamento de Metodologia do Ensino da Enfermagem da Escola de Enfermagem Anna Nery/UFRJ - Brasil


The Brazilian elderly population, that is, the population aged 60 or older according to the Elderly Estatute, has increased in recent decades, a phenomenon observed in Brazil and worldwide. This rapid growth represents a major political and social impact, reflecting the consequent rise in cost of health services because this is the population that most need this service.

Objective: To understand the meaning of Nursing Consultation for elderly women assisted at a School Clinic in Mountain Region-RJ-Brazil.

Method: The is a qualitative study of descriptive and exploratory nature supported by the theoretical and methodological framework of Alfred Schutz through sociological phenomenology. The study was approved by the Ethics and Research Committee of the Arthur Sá Earp Neto Faculty on April 11, 2015 under Opinion number 1.019361. We used phenomenological interview.

Results: We performed 19 interviews with elderly women aged 60-80 years. The responses provided the understanding of women's experiences during the nursing consultation. This study gave rise to three categories that revealed the intentionality of this social group when searching for the nursing consultation: "To be well assisted", "To have resolving power" and "To prevent health problems".

Conclusions: The found that the nursing consultation promotes the approximation between women and the nursing professionals, establishing bonds, presenting efficient and effective results to treatment and prevention, besides providing mutual learning.

May 13, 2017
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