Analysis Of Vaccination Campaign Against Hpv And The Perspective Of Vaccinated Population

  • Flávia Maria Palmeira Nunes
  • Hellen Renatta Leopoldino Medeiros
  • Marco Aurelio Safadi
  • Juliane de Oliveira Costa Nobre
  • Anne Milane Formiga Bezerra
  • Maryama Naara Félix de Alencar Lima
  • Viviane Queiroga Linhares
  • Kévia Katiúcia Santos Bezerra
  • Juliana de Almeida Leandro Bezerra
  • Vínícius Lúcio Godeiro
  • Wendel Robson da Silva Ferreira
  • Clebson Veríssimo da Costa Pereira
  • Hellen Maria Gomes Araújo De Souza
  • Tamiris Guedes Vieira
  • Denisy Dantas Melquiades Azevedo
  • Silvia Ximenes Oliveira
  • Elicarlos Marques Nunes Faculdades Integradas de Patos, Paraíba, Brasil



 The Ministry of Health has provided for the girls population aged nine to 13 years, the quadrivalent vaccine against Human Papillomavirus as a preventive measure for cancer of the cervix, with the initial proposal to achieve 80% of this population.


 To analyze the vaccine coverage and the perspective of the target population about the vaccine against the Human Papillomavirus.


 This was a quantitative and qualitative field research in descriptive character, conducted through the Information System of the National Program for Immunization and with a sample of 86 adolescents in the city of São José do Egito/PE/BR.


 The vaccination coverage showed a reduction in sequence of the vaccination schedules of 19,53% in the first phase of the campaign and of 24.07% in the second phase. It was also noted that lack accurate information for more than 50% of respondents, 15.11% had local and / or systemic reactions and 89,53% of them expect positive results with the vaccine against the Human Papillomavirus.


The results showed a discontinuity in the prophylaxis scheme, but for the teenagers who took the vaccine there is confidence that the immunobiological has the desired effect, protecting them against viruses and future cancer of the cervix.

Keywords: Health services; Vaccine; Adolescents; Human Papillomavirus.

Apr 25, 2017
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