Is Music Effective For Pain Relief In Burn Victims?

  • Lidiane Souza Lima
  • Viviane Oliveira de Sousa Correia
  • Tycianne Karoline Garção Nascimento
  • Bárbara Jeane Pinto Chaves
  • José Rodrigo Santos Silva
  • José Antonio Barreto Alves
  • Daniele Vieira Dantas
  • Maria do Carmo de Oliveira Ribeiro


Objective: to describe the effect of music on pain of burn victims during the dressing change.

Methods: applied, descriptive, exploratory and quantitative research held in a Burn Treatment Unit from October 2015 to April 2016. The study included 16 burn victims who were divided in three groups: A: patients heard music before dressing; B: patients hear music during dressing; C: patients did not hear music.

Results: the average age was 31.8 years (± 14.1) and most of the subjects were male. Lower limbs and trunk were the most affected parts of the body, especially with second-degree burns and which affected an average of 15.8% (± 11.5) of the body surface. There was a predominance of gospel music (50.0%). The music reduced the average heart rate and oxygen saturation, but did not change ventilatory rate. There was a decrease in the average of pain intensity in groups GB (p = 0.0505 and GC (p = 0.0055). During the dressing, the burning was unanimous characteristic for all subjects, in the same manner as verbal reports was the form of manifestation.

Conclusion: music proved to be a simple and effective resource in controlling pain in burn victims.

Keywords: Burns; Music; Pain.


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