Nursing Assistance At The Puerperium: Integrative Review

  • Gabryella Moreira Menezes de Lima
  • Hallana de Lima Teles
  • Patrícia Pereira Tavares Alcântara
  • Maria Regilânia Lopes Moreira
  • Antonio Germane Alves Pinto
  • Mirna Neyara Alexandre de Sá Barreto Marinho
  • Aretha Feitosa de Araújo
  • Maria Andreia Da Costa Facundo
  • Maria Elaine Silva de Melo
  • Ana Adilia Alves Bezerra
  • Leilane Gonçalves de Oliveira
  • Anna Caroline Grangeiro Nascimento
  • Swyanne Macêdo Góis
  • Maria Natália Leite Dantas
  • Evelyne Lobo Gurgel


INTRODUCTION: The Puerperium is a critical time for the woman, her baby and her family, due to psychological and physiological changes. At that moment, the woman experiences significant changes and needs qualified attention in health.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this research is to describe the scientific production on nursing care in the postpartum period, justifying that the woman, at the moment, undergoes many changes requiring a qualified attention.

METHOD: The methodology used was the integrative review of the literature on nursing care in the puerperal period, in the databases of articles and scientific publications, present in the Virtual Health Library, from 2008 to 2014.

RESULTS: The results highlight the importance of Nursing during puerperal care to resolve and improve the quality of life of puerperal patients.


Feb 21, 2017
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