Care With The Potential Organ Donor In The Intensive Care Unit

  • Francisca Patrícia Barreto de Carvalho
  • Kênnia Stephanie Morais Oliveira
  • Glauber Weder dos Santos Silva
  • Geórgia Nóbrega Melo
  • Thiago Enggle de Araújo Alves
  • Ana Cristina Arrais
  • Ilana Deyse Rocha Leite
  • Amélia Carolina Lopes Fernandes
  • Lucidio Clebeson Oliveira
  • Francisco Rafael Ribeiro Soares


Introduction: Organ transplants have expanded throughout the country, being extremely significant for the population.

Objective: To know the reality of organ harvesting and describe the care with the potential organ donor in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and compare it with the pertinent literature.

Method: It is a research of exploratory and descriptive nature, with a qualitative approach. The data were analyzed through the content analysis idealized by Bardin.

Results: The findings indicate that the resolution of care and procedures with the potential donor is essential to the success of transplants in our country.

Conclusions: Several difficulties have been encountered, as the lack of human and material resources generating impasses in the specific care of the potential organ donor and the lack of provision of continuing education.

Keywords: Organ donation; Intensive Care Unit; Nursing.

Feb 21, 2017
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