Gender Category Study: Perspectives Of Nursing Interns In Public Health

  • Mikael Lima Brasil
  • Laís Vasconcelos Santos
  • Javanna Lacerda Gomes da Silva Freitas
  • Wendy Delgado da Cunha
  • Thalys Maynnard Costa Ferreira
  • Gisetti Corina Gomes Brandão
  • Francisco de Sales Clementino
  • Polyana Galdino Sousa Barros
  • Raine Danyele Vieira de Sousa
  • Rafaela Andresa da Silva Santos
  • Maria Louiza Tarquino
  • Maria Inês Borges Coutinho
  • Jéssica Oliveira Rodrigues
  • Ádylla Maria Alves de Carvalho
  • Márcio Victor da Costa Carneiro


Introduction: The dialog with learning process about gender category is one of the ways, in nursing, to recognize needs produced by population through social control. It may be linked by formative mechanisms, aiming the qualification of academic knowledge and practical internship activities.

Objective: We explore the learning experience from the approximation with gender category and its implications to the care provided by nurses in Primary Care.

Methods: This is a descriptive study, critic-reflexive, of experience report type, systematized from the experience with gender category in health, and designed under two reflective axes: 1 – Operationalization of Supervised Curricular Internship; and 2 - Conceptualizing gender: perspectives for nursing care.

Results: There were a theoretical enrichment about gender category in overcoming the biases found during the formation process, demystifying normative patterns built around gender and sexuality, becoming necessary to conceptual comprehension in nursing care context, in nurse’s action in Primary Care, in the current social scenario of health-disease process from identity questions, recognizing subjects’ expression through their subjectivity.

Conclusion: Making the nursing students’ knowledge about the theme possible has demonstrated to be an operationalization of necessary tools to implement a more qualified assistance in Public Health.

Keywords: Gender; Nursing; Public Health.

Feb 21, 2017
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