Satisfaction of users of the Family Health Strategy in a capital city of Northeast Brazil

  • Luana Kelle Batista Moura
  • Laelson Rochelle Milanês Sousa
  • Maria Eliete Batista Moura
  • Rafael Fernandes de Mesquita
  • Fátima Regina Ney Matos
  • Eliana Campelo Lago
  • Thiago Lima Monte
  • Francisca Tereza Coelho Matos
  • Maria Ângela de Arêa Leão Ferraz
  • Tanit Clementino Santos
  • Carlos Alberto Monteiro Falcão
  • Fabrício Ibiapina Tapety
  • Mitra Mobin


Objective: To analyze the satisfaction of users of the Family Health Strategy in relation to the Reliability and Safety aspects.

Method: This is a quantitative research carried out with 353 participants enrolled in an Integrated Health Center of the eastern region of a capital in the Northeast Brazil, through the SERVQUAL instrument. The data collection took place from January to May 2015, the research was approved by the Ethics and Research Committee of the UNINOVAFAPI University Center.

Results: The results indicated that in the Reliability dimension, participants agreed that the healthcare professionals record the attendance, perform on the promised date and have an interest in solving the problems. In the Security dimension, the majority of the participants were indifferent as to the behavior of the professionals generating confidence. They demonstrated security in requesting the services because they were politely attended by the professionals. Moreover, in the two dimensions analyzed, it was noticed that there is a tendency to increase satisfaction as the participants' income decreases with significant statistical relations, with satisfaction on Reliability and Security inversely proportional to income.

Conclusion: It is considered that users of the Family Health Strategy have demonstrated satisfaction with the services received, however, there is a need for more studies with different methodological approaches to better elucidate the intersubjective issues that shape the process of interaction between users, healthcare professionals and services.

Keywords: Family health; patient satisfaction; security.


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