Nursing Care of Individuals in Domestic Violence Situations

  • Rosana Alves de Melo
  • Letícia de Cerqueira Rafael
  • Jackline Carvalho Carneiro Costa
  • Tâmara Requião Peralva
  • Cristiane Souza Bezerra
  • Gessyka Mayara Soares Gomes
  • Carla Rebeca da Silva Sena
  • Flávia Emília Cavalcante Valença Fernandes
  • Lusineide Carmo Andrade de Lacerda
  • Luciana Pessoa Maciel
  • Maria Elda Alves de Lacerda Campos
  • Rachel Mola
  • Priscylla Helena Alencar Falcão Sobral
  • Gerlene Grudka Lira
  • Rosa de Cássia Miguelino Silva
  • Nadja Maria dos Santos
  • Ana Kariny Costa Araújo
  • Alana Mirelle Coelho Leite


Objective: This study aimed to analyze the nursing care of individuals in situations of domestic violence, assisted in the hospital emergency room.

Methods: This qualitative survey was conducted in May, 2015, with fifteen nurses from hospital emergencies in Juazeiro/Bahia and Petrolina/Pernambuco. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews and analyzed by content analysis.

Results: Nurses do not see domestic violence in all its aspects, but understand the bureaucracy of services.

Conclusion: Physical structure; lack of protocols, and the little knowledge acquired during graduation, which are limiting factors when faced with the measures required in cases of violence.

Mar 15, 2017
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