Integrative Community Therapy And Its Meaning For Student Life

  • Maria De Lourdes Matos
  • Mariana Albernaz Pinheiro De Carvalho
  • Francilene Figueirêdo Da Silva Pascoal
  • Edlene Regis Silva
  • Maria De Oliveira Ferreira Filha
  • Gabrielle Porfirio Souza
  • Narjara Luiza Fernandes Dantas Muniz
  • Antônio Herculano de Araújo Neto
  • Jhéssica Rawane Araújo de Medeiros


Objective: Understanding the meaning of ICT (Integrative Community Therapy) in the life of students participating in the Extension Project “O desabrochar de si: a TCI no Centro de Atenção Psicossocial”.

Method: It is an exploratory and descriptive study of qualitative approach that sought to understand the phenomenon in question using an instrument of semi-structured interview applied to students of the Education and Health Center at the Campina Grande Federal University (UFCG), Cuite campus, in the state of Paraiba.

Results: The results found enabled the construction of the following categories: Knowing the (un)known: the meeting with and approach to ICT; ICT and its mobilizing potential; and the following subcategories: Revealing a cycle of discoveries; Unveiling experiences for life. This study revealed that ICT has a relevant impact, bringing forth positive changes in the life of students in question.

Conclusion: It can be said that the participants expressed satisfaction and personal changes, since ICT availed at rescuing essential values for their lives, favoring the discovery and the finding of strengths to face the adversities of daily life. The students found in the Extension Project and in ICT a source of support for personal improvement, besides giving the opportunity for the creation and strengthening of bonds between the team, community and professors.

Mar 24, 2017
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