A Look at the Practice of Risk Classification: Integrative Review

  • Luiz Alves Morais Filho
  • D’Andreson de Medeiros Muniz
  • Cristiane da Silva Ramos Marinho
  • Osvaldo de Góes Bay Júnior
  • Cecília Nogueira Valença
  • Quênia Camille Soares Martins
  • Mayara Silva Fernandes do Rêgo
  • Maria Leonor Paiva da Silva
  • Rafaela Carolini de Oliveira Távora
  • Ilisdayne Thallita Soares da Silva
  • Mayonara Fabíola Silva Araújo
  • Fábia Cheyenne Gomes de Morais Fernandes
  • Renata Fonseca Sousa de Oliveira


Introduction: the increase in the number of patients in emergency services / emergency brought the need for screening / risk classification as a way to organize the urgency and emergency care in the health institutions.

Objectives: know how to develop the risk classification practice in the Brazilian reality using the scientific production, the insertion of nurses in risk classification using the Brazilian scientific production.

Methods: an integrative review was carried out, the data occurred during September 2015 in the following databases: Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO), Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online (Medline), and the Latin American and Caribbean System of Information on Health Sciences (LILACS) "GOOGLE SCHOLAR."

Results: it found 9,874 articles and selected 33 for analysis. The results were organized in 04 categories: Risk classification as assistance qualifier; risk classification’s organization; operation weaknesses of the risk classification and nurse's role in risk classification.

Conclusion: We conclude that the risk classification qualifies the assistance in emergency services; there are many difficulties for the risk classification’s operation and the nurse has been established as a professional with technical and legal competence to perform the risk classification.


Mar 24, 2017
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