Body and health perception for obesity in young adults

  • Raquel Sampaio Florêncio
  • Ana Caroline Andrade Oliveira
  • Jênifa Cavalcante dos Santos Santiago Federal University of Ceará
  • Danilo Cunha Ribeiro
  • Ítalo Lennon Sales de Almeida Universidade Estadual do Ceará
  • Vera Lúcia Mendes de Paula Pessoa State University of Ceará
  • Thereza Maria Magalhães Moreira State University of Ceará


Background: To identify the body and health perception and its relationship with obesity in a group of young adults.

Methods: This is an analytical study performed on 1,073 young adults from Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, through a questionnaire whose data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and logistic regression. The Ethics Committee approved the study under opinion nº 263.271/ 2013.

Results: Results showed that women with obesity tended to perceive their condition more and evidenced greater body dissatisfaction than men. In addition, they were associated with obesity, self-perception of overweight and body satisfaction.

Conclusion: Young people with obesity perceive their condition and are dissatisfied with it.



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