Teaching-learning process from service teaching of mental health nursing: experience report

  • Analine de Souza Bandeira Correia Universidade Federal da Paraíba
  • Antonia Oliveira Silva
  • Rayhanna Queiroz de Oliveira
  • Ana Suerda Leonor Gomes Leal
  • Wilma Dias de Fontes Pereira Nurse. Doctor of Nursing. Leader of the Group of Studies and Research on Masculinities and Health of the Men Health Observatory (OSH / UFPB), João Pessoa (PB), Brazil.
  • Marcia Priscilla Alves de Arruda
  • Mariana Pinto Araujo
  • Selene Cordeiro Vasconcelos


Objective: Describe the conceptions of resident nurses about the nurse's role in mental health services.

Method: Descriptive/reflexive study of the experience-report type, carried out from experiences of nurses from the Multiprofessional Residency Program in Mental Health, guided by the theoretical presuppositions of the Brazilian Psychiatric Reform and structured from the Arch of Charles Maguerez.

Results: In-service teaching provided reflections on the residents' conceptions of nurses' performance in mental health services. The key posts were the insertion in the specific nursing care, the construction of the multiprofessional work process, the recognition of their professional identity. Therapeutic relationship and communication, receptiveness, co-responsibility of care and the construction of links with clients, family and work colleagues for the solution of the problems. 

Conclusions: The Arch of Charles Maguerez facilitated the teaching process in service. In addition, it provided the perception of the action-reflection-action movement as essential to understand fundamentals of care practices in nursing and to collaborate to the insertion of the nurse and the process of changes, from the daily services of mental health.

Apr 13, 2017
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