Seminal Ferritin And Seminal Parameters In Patients Undergoing Chronic Hemodialysis

  • Gilmar Pereira Silva University of Brasilia
  • Fabiana Pirani Carneiro Professor of the Faculty Medicine of University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil
  • Vítor Pereira Xavier Grangeiro Academic of the Medical Course of the School of Medical Sciences, João Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil


Background: to verify the association of seminal parameter (SP) and seminal ferritin(SF) levels in patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis (CH), admitting possible antioxidative activity of SF.

Methods: this was a case-control study in group of 60 men (case) in CH with more than 6 months and group of healthy men(control), aged 18-60 years, without clinical or laboratory signs of infection / inflammation. Patients underwent semen analysis, fertility index(FI) calculation, measurement of SF and hormonal profile(follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, total testosterone, and prolactin levels).

Results: There were significant differences between cases and control (Table 1) in SP(p = 0.000), sex hormones (p = 0.000) and FI [0, 85(0,57) vs 5,54(1,3), p=0,000]. There was no difference between cases and control(Table 1) in SF levels (226.45 ± 51.03 vs 241.52 ± 30.52, p = 0.137) and age(49,47 ±5,56 vs 47,90 ± 6,22, p=0,229).There was no correlation (Table 2) between  SF and FI(r = 0.049, p = 0.711) and SP(p> 0.05).

Conclusion: the results suggest that SF is not associated with changes in seminal parameters in patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis, and is not useful singly for initial evaluation of seminal parameters.


Author Biography

Gilmar Pereira Silva, University of Brasilia
Department of Medicine


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