Symptomatic Bochdalek Hernia in Adult: a Case Report

  • Luis Eduardo Almeida de Souza
  • Karlla Lorena dos Santos Anjos
  • Danielle Oliveira Sousa
  • Gabriel de Jesus da Fonseca Loureiro
  • Deborah Marques Centeno
  • Yana Cardoso de Lima
  • Rodrigo da Silva Cordeiro
  • Felipe Teixeira Lisboa
  • João Paulo da Silva Machado
  • Karen Giovana Leal Matos
  • Mauro Carvalho Vieira


Background: The congenital malformation of the posterolateral portion of the diaphragm is called the Bochdalek hernia, and was first described in 1948 by anatomy professor Bochdalek. The diagnosis in adults is extremely rare, being in the majority, an occasional finding in a chest x-ray.

Case: The authors report a Bochdalek Hernia case in an adult pacient, with complaints of dyspnea and epigastralgia refractory to pharmacological treatment. The diagnosis was confirmed after a chest CT scan.

Conclusion: Bochdalek hernias are extremely rare in adults, commonly diagnosed in childhood. The importance of recognition of its diagnosis is crucial, so it should be always among differential diagnoses in radiology, due to the range of complications that may affect the patients.


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