Suicide: A Danger Between Surgeons

  • Karine Lorena Sousa Queiroz Faculty of Medicine, Federal University of Cariri – UFCA, Barbalha, Ceará, Brazil
  • Rodrigo de Freitas e Carvalhedo Faculty of Medicine, Federal University of Cariri – UFCA, Barbalha, Ceará, Brazil
  • Fernando Custódio Beserra Faculty of Medicine, Federal University of Cariri – UFCA, Barbalha, Ceará, Brazil
  • Antônio Gilvan Teixeira Júnior Faculty of Medicine, Federal University of Cariri – UFCA, Barbalha, Ceará, Brazil
  • Modesto Leite Rolim Neto Universidade Federal do Cariri


Suicide has been a growing problem all around the world, with around 1 million deaths registered per year. This scenery affects the medical population more frequently and it has been a concern for more than one hundred years. It has been reported that the work situation to which the physicians are submitted causes distress, burnout and other symptoms that help to develop suicidal ideation. Based on previous works, it was found that among the physicians, surgeons have a higher tendency to be a victim of these disorders, due to work related harassment, sickness presenteeism, unfulfillment feelings and, mainly, the stigma of seeking psychological help. Although, some studies indicates strategies to overcome this situation as regular meetings provided by the work management to discuss stressful work related events and the clarification of suicidal ideation treatment. 


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