Acne: Treatment And Recommendations for facial care

Acne Treatment And Recommendations for facial care

“If you don’t wash enough, you get pimples” – you must have heard that before. Only it’s not that simple. First of all, pimples and blackheads have nothing to do with lack of hygiene. Acne has many causes, especially due to the hormonal changes during puberty. Nevertheless, you can already achieve a lot with daily, conscientious cleaning and care. But with what? What should suitable products achieve?

Impure skin, prone to acne

How do blackheads and pimples develop?

Acne creams, lotions, gels, facial toners, tonics, peelings, moisturizers and concealer sticks: anyone looking for cleansing and care products for impure skin or skin prone to acne is usually faced with an almost confusing range of products. And many of these products are also helpful – but which ones? First of all, one should understand how oily skin develops, or how a blackhead or pimple develops:

01 Micro-inflammations

According to the latest scientific findings, acne is triggered by micro-inflammations in the skin that are not visible to the naked eye and which set the acne process in motion.

02 Seborrhoea

This means that the skin produces more sebum, mostly due to hormonal changes.

03 Hyperkeratosis

At the same time, the outer skin layer thickens and dead skin cells are not rejected quickly enough

04 Plugging

As a result, the sebaceous gland ducts are blocked and open and closed comedones, i.e. blackheads and pimples, occur.

05 Visible inflammation

Normally harmless bacteria on the skin can multiply – the body reacts with an inflammation, which becomes visible as a reddened pimple.

Appropriate products for cleansing and care of impure skin should therefore be effective against exactly these points.

Impure skin that tends to acne: What is going on in the skin?


Suitable care products for acne: What properties should suitable products have for cleaning and care

The variety of cleaning and care products on offer can be confusing – and many products do not live up to their promises. Therefore it is absolutely sensible that you seek advice. When buying, you should make sure that the products work against the above mentioned points and also have certain properties. These are usually listed on the packages:
  • Non comedogenic: Non comedogenic products avoid impurities that can cause pimples or blackheads. They are composed in such a way that they do not clog the pores of the skin and do not give blackheads a basis for their formation.
  • Non-greasy: Skin that tends to impurities already produces too much sebum – therefore care products should not have an additional greasing effect.
  • Comedolytic: This means that these products help to open pimples and dissolve blackheads.
When choosing your cleansing and care products, make sure that they meet the needs of your skin.


  • Keratolytic: Such products have a corn dissolving effect. This means that they support the desquamation of dead skin cells.
  • Mild, gentle, balanced pH value: Make sure that the care products you use do not irritate the skin additionally. Avoid products that are too aggressive. In addition, in the case of acne, it can be very useful to use products with a lower pH value so that it is lowered – this is beneficial to the skin’s appearance.

Eucerin uses a number of different main ingredients in the products of the DERMOPURE care series that act against the formation of impurities:

The main ingredients of various DERMOPURE products

The DERMOPURE products have been specially developed for impure skin with a tendency to acne. The contained ingredients effectively counteract the most important factors of impure skin.

Effective cleansing optimally prepares your skin for the absorption of suitable care products.


Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a particularly effective ingredient that fights clogged pores and bacterial growth. Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid that has keratolytic and comedolytic effects. It reduces impurities and prevents new impurities. Due to its good effectiveness it only needs to be applied sparingly to the affected skin areas.

Licochalcone A

Licochalcone A is a highly effective antioxidant extracted from the roots of the Chinese liquorice plant. It has an anti-irritant effect and effectively reduces redness. The plant also uses the antioxidant effect of Licochalcone A to protect its cells from the effects of UV radiation.

Sebum-regulating technology

A combination of L-carnitine and sebum-absorbing pigments controls seborrhea. The L-carnitine channels the free fatty acids into the cells, where they are consumed by the mitochondria, the power stations of the cells, as an energy supplier. They are therefore no longer available for sebum formation.


Lactate (lactic acid) dissolves cornifications in the skin and provides moisture. In addition, lactic acid as a component of the skin’s own acid mantle regulates the physiological pH value.


SymSitive* is a fast-acting ingredient specially formulated for very sensitive skin. The ingredient acts directly on the sensory receptors that cause itching, prickling or stinging, reduces the irritability of the skin and soothes it immediately at the source of the irritation.

*registered trademark of Symrise AG, Germany.


Panthenol, also called dexpanthenol or provitamin B5, is a derivative of vitamin B5. The substance promotes the regeneration of the skin and is very well suited to soothe reddened skin as it rebuilds the natural skin barrier.

Hydroxy complex

This is an innovative, highly effective peeling combination of glycol, salicylic and polyhydroxy acids. The complex opens the pores, promotes the desquamation of dead skin cells and at the same time supports the renewal of skin texture.


Ceramides are part of the epidermal lipids of the horny layer of the skin. They strengthen the natural protective barrier, which prevents moisture loss through evaporation. At the same time, a healthy protective barrier prevents the penetration of irritants that can cause inflammation and itching.

Treatment And General care tips 

Regardless of the use of the cleansing and care products individually adapted to the skin type, it is definitely worthwhile to pay attention to a few more points:
  • Thorough cleansing: This prevents the new formation of acne. What is important is not the intensity but rather the regularity of the care.
  • Use lukewarm water: Cold or too hot water can irritate the skin unnecessarily.
  • No aggressive agents: These can damage the acid mantle. This makes the skin more susceptible to germs and irritations.
  • Leave pimples alone: They only get worse by “nibbling” or pressing.
A conscientious daily care routine is the basis in the fight against pimples and blackheads.


  • Shave carefully: It does not matter whether it is wet or dry. However, it is important to note that a careless shave can promote inflammation and worsen your skin condition. This is why the greatest care is required here.
  • Taking steam baths: A steam bath can be useful because it opens the pores and allows excess sebum to drain away.

Tips for nursing routine

The optimal daily treatment routine of cleaning and care

You’ll see: A regular, conscientious and thorough cleansing and care over a longer period of time for impure skin that tends to acne is the key to a continuously improving skin condition.

Abendliche Reinigung

First remove any make-up that may have been applied and free your skin from the dirt that has settled on the skin during the day. Use a mild cleansing gel for this.

Tip: To remove excess skin flakes, we recommend a mild peeling once a week (or more often if necessary).

Free your skin in the morning from sebum and dead skin cells that have accumulated on the skin overnight. If possible use the same mild product as in the evening.

After cleansing, you can additionally clarify your face with a face tonic. It refreshes, removes the last remnants of your previously used cleansing product and thus optimally prepares the skin for the subsequent care.

After cleaning you should apply a mild moisturizing but non-greasy care. The product should depend on the severity of the blemished skin and the therapy applied. If you are treated with medication, care accompanying the therapy can help you to alleviate possible side effects such as dryness or itching. It is important that the skin care products match your skin type.

In the case of a lighter form of acne which is not treated with medication, a suitable day care is recommended in the morning and a skin renewing care in the evening (e.g. DERMOPURE Mattifying Fluid or DERMOPURE Skin-forming Serum).

Especially in the case of skin impurities and acne, it is important to protect your skin from sunlight. If your acne is treated with medication, your skin is particularly sensitive to sunlight. Either use care with sunscreen or apply a separate sunscreen. The Eucerin SUN GEL-CREME OIL CONTROL with SPF 30 and 50+ combines high sun protection with anti-gloss effect. The Oil-Control-Technology regulates the sebum production of your skin, improves your skin texture and provides a matte complexion for a long time.

To cover impurities and make the skin tone appear more even, you can apply a tinted cream, make-up or concealer. Do not forget to remove your make-up in the evening!

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