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Baby play blanket – safe and without harmful substances

A pretty baby play blanket offers your baby a soft little playground on the floor. Play blankets are offered in a huge selection, with and without play elements, upholstery and in all colours. What value does a baby play blanket have for your child and what demands should a good play blanket meet? Find some answers here.

Understand and discover – the baby play blanket

A good baby play blanket provides a warm and soft surface on the hard floor. If your baby lifts his head independently, begins to turn from his back to his stomach, it is time to offer him more variety and possibilities of discovery. In the baby cot or in the cradle the field of vision of the little ones is limited. In the first life-weeks, this is sufficient, because the eyes of the small ones are not yet adjusted to clear perceptions in some distance. At the age of two to three months, however, the baby has already developed many new perception possibilities. The baby play blanket expands the baby’s view of a larger environment and offers an incentive to move in this environment. It wants to reach for things that lie around it or hang over it. Colourful blankets in clear basic colours such as red, green, blue and yellow with patterns and pictures encourage you to play. There are play covers with play elements and play arches with various toys for grasping and moving. At the same time, a baby play blanket protects your baby from the hard wood or laminate flooring. Carpeting in living areas often has a higher pile, with the risk of the baby picking up fluff. Also, many home carpets are not pollutant-free to the extent that it is desired for a baby. The washable crawling blanket also protects your baby’s health.

A good baby play blanket should meet these requirements

Everything you buy for your baby should meet high standards for healthy development and adequate protection of the child. This applies in particular to all objects with which the baby plays and the direct environment in which your baby is. Therefore the play and crawling blankets within the blankets form a special category. These characteristics should have a good baby play blanket:

  • absence of pollutants
  • Soft, lint-free surface
  • Non-slip underbody
  • cushions
  • Sufficient size
  • Easy to clean for hygienic cleaning
  • colour fastness

These quality characteristics should be stated in the product description if you want to choose a good baby play blanket. Responsible manufacturers make clear statements about the pollutants. Remember that your child breathes very close to the blanket, exploring it with hands and mouth and bringing toys to the mouth lying on the crawling blanket. The non-slip underfloor ensures that the blanket does not slip through the room with the child and does not form large folds when rolling and pedalling. Unfortunately, some cheap offers from non-European production are contaminated with pollutants. Choose therefore love a quality blanket, whose harmlessness is secured by tests and test seals.

Baby play blanket with or without play elements

The classic crawling blanket for babies is a child-friendly play blanket in which a variety of colours and colourful pictures offer a stimulating place to play. Today, ceilings with play elements are increasingly in demand. This blanket often looks more like a mini playground than a blanket. They have play arches on which varied toys hang. Some game elements let you hear different sounds and children’s songs. The edges are often surrounded by soft cushions that prevent the baby from rolling off the blanket. There are also small game caves in the form of fish mouths and other animal figures, which are covered all around with fabric and offer a colorful cuddle place. The different types of play blankets each have advantages and disadvantages.

– The game blanket without game elements can be used longer and more versatile, for example for picnics. You can decide for yourself which toys you want to offer your baby. It can be washed and dried quickly and is more space-saving to store. It’s cheaper.

– The baby play blanket with play elements offers a lot of variety and saves the individual purchase of many small baby toys. Well thought-out play offers are particularly conducive to the development of the little ones. However, if the child has grown out of the crawling blanket period, these products can no longer be used. The superstructures are collapsible, yet a little less space-saving. The cleaning requires a little more effort. However, the caves and arches are also easy to clean, but sometimes hand washing is necessary. Ceilings with play elements are more expensive.

It is up to you to decide which type of baby play blanket you want. Quality features are always decisive.

Various materials for play blankets for babies

When it comes to freedom from harmful substances and skin friendliness, the materials from which the play blankets are made are crucial. We offer high-quality crawling blankets made of polyester cotton and cotton for the actual blanket. Cotton is a natural material. Cotton blankets can be washed up to 60 degrees. The polyester-cotton blend is particularly durable, easy-care, quick-drying. Low washing temperatures are permissible. These blended fabrics are proven for upholstered ceilings and are also available in breathable quality. The covers are mostly made of cotton, the filling of polyester. Both materials are skin-friendly, low in harmful substances for children and safe for all babies. The game elements are made of harmless Raschel paper and high-quality plastic. The baby play blanket with sound and music requires batteries. Their installation must be 100% baby-safe. Alternatively, you can opt for a baby play blanket made of high-quality, pure cotton and a separate wooden play bow with wooden and fabric elements that can be placed above it. Here you should see saliva-resistant, pollutant-free paintwork.

Which design for the baby play blanket?

The baby play blanket with colorful play bow or the soft pad for romping may be beautifully colorful designed. Gentle pastel shades have a soothing effect on the little ones in the bed and baby room. The activity can be stimulated with cheerful colours for playing. Your baby will be stimulated by the variety of colours of toys hanging from the play bow above the ceiling and toys on the ceiling. For the very little ones, the blanket should not be too bright and wildly patterned. Your baby should also be able to perceive his toys on it. Therefore, it is good to choose a design with several delicate colors You will find blankets for babies in light blue, pink, white, red, green and other colours. Play blankets with play elements offer great, versatile designs. Here you should pay special attention to the safety of the game elements. They must be securely fastened and made of harmless material. It gets boring when all toys are round or of a similar shape. In the case of blankets with play elements, the blankets themselves are usually uni, as the baby is predominantly struggling and grabbing on the back and on the side. As cute as it may look: A design entirely or mainly in pink and light blue is actually too one-sided. Use the girl and boy colors rather for the baby clothes and the room equipment than for the baby play blanket. Caves designed entirely with fabric and a soft base are too dark for the little ones. Unfortunately, they also narrow the field of vision and movement of the little rompers. Choose a bright, open design for the very little baby. The all around covered play blankets are rather something for babies who already crawl around eagerly and decide for themselves where they want to play.

The baby play blanket is a good place

The game on the baby play blanket gives the baby new and more impressions than a cot and bassinet. Selection criteria such as material, safety and quality are important. In particular, the focus must be on ceilings and play elements that are free of harmful substances. Play blankets with play elements offer imaginative variety, classic blankets are more versatile. Before you buy you should inform yourself well about detailed product descriptions and test reports of the pollutant-free baby play blanket.


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