That’s why a crib with fall out protection is so important.

A cot with fall out protection is a must for the baby and toddler. For bunk beds there should always be side protection for children. Bunk beds for siblings should have permanent protection against falling out, at least for the upper bed, throughout childhood.

That’s why there’s a crib with an Outage protection so important

At about three months of age, your baby will be able to turn itself from the belly to the back and back. All too quickly these three months go by. In addition, this age is only an average value for turning around. Some babies spin earlier, others a little later. You can’t rely on your baby spinning for the first time in your presence. It might as well happen in the middle of the night. A fall from the crib can be an accident for the baby with serious, permanent damage. Remember that even babies six months and older are still very tender and vulnerable. Even from low heights, falls can be fatal for the little one. There is no alternative to good, safe fall out protection. Babies and toddlers are much more active in sleeping than adults. They also wake up more often at night. That’s why you should make sure you have a child’s bed with fall out protection when you’re using your baby’s nest and the extra bed. If the baby leaves the parent’s bed or additional bed and moves into the larger cot, a cot with fall out protection must be all around. In addition, many other safety criteria must of course also be taken into account for the cot.

Safety first – Crib with fall out protection

The cot with fall out protection must have a stable bed frame. A bed made of natural wood is ideal for the little one. If the wooden bed is painted, the paint must be ecologically safe and saliva-resistant. All components should be firmly and securely connected to each other and the lattice bars should have a distance of 4.5 cm to 6.5 cm. A beautiful canopy offers the baby protection from draughts and shields off disturbing light while sleeping. It is essential that the canopy pole is securely fastened to the bed. . New children’s beds must comply with this standard. A safe cot with fall out protection should carry a valid test mark,  With us you will find the safe baby cot and crib with fall out protection in best quality and beautiful designs from renowned brand suppliers.

Different types of failure protection

The classic fall out protection for the baby cot is the bed grid. As an alternative to the grid, there are baby and children’s beds that are secured with a secure mesh covering. This variant is preferably also offered for travel cots for children. An extra bed usually has a folding grid on one side so that the bed can be securely anchored to the parent bed. After the night’s rest, the extra bed should be detached from the parent’s bed and the folding grille hooked in again to ensure protection against falling out. Many extra beds have castors and can be placed anywhere in the home like a bassinet. With the child bed with the fall out protection bed lattice, some rods can be taken out later, so that small children can get into bed and leave it themselves. For older children you will find the cot with fall out protection in the form of a wooden wall over about two thirds of the bed length. In this way, high beds, bunk beds and play beds are also secured.

Various manufacturers offer the growing cot with fall out protection. With a growing cot with fall out protection you save money, because the bed only has to be bought once. The safety of the cot with fall out protection is only guaranteed if the slatted frame is adjusted to the correct height. During the first weeks of life, the slatted frame with the mattress can be hooked into the highest position of the cot.

When your baby turns and begins to lean on its knees for a short time, the slatted frame must be lowered. The grid should enclose the baby at the height of his body. If the settings are too low, there is a risk that a child may pull himself up and fall over the grille. The grid height is always measured from the mattress upwards. Please keep in mind that it is only a small step from the kneeling crawling position to the complete erection of the grille. Faster than expected, many a baby stands at least very briefly in the cot at the gate. Even before your baby has set up for the first time, the slatted frame should be set to a very low position so that the cot with fall out protection remains in its protective function.

Sleeping comfort – for baby and toddler no luxury

For your baby, healthy lying is an important prerequisite for good physical development. Before the baby crawls and runs later, it spends a large part of the day lying down. It is therefore important that the cot with fall out protection not only has a very good mattress suitable for babies, but also a high-quality slatted frame. The lying surfaces for babies must be comparatively hard so that there are no distortions of the tender bones and dangerous incorrect postures of the body. The slatted frame is usually included with the brand baby beds. If not, you can opt for the cot with fall out protection, either a roller grate or a fixed slatted frame with a sturdy frame. Good slatted frames for children not only offer the necessary lying comfort, they are also well ventilated. The air can circulate excellently through the fins. For baby nests there are also wooden subfloors with ventilation holes instead of the slatted frame. Here you will find baby cots and children’s cots with high-quality, child-friendly slatted frames and a sufficient number of safe adjustment positions for the correct height.

The right crib with fall out protection
for the first years of life

A cot with fall out protection is indispensable for the safety of your baby. To make sure your baby is really safe in his crib, buy a bed with the appropriate test mark that meets the safety standard for cribs. This is guaranteed for new baby and children’s beds from brand manufacturers. Online you will find a large selection of different cots for the first years of your child’s life and afterwards. You can choose from many pretty designs and colors for the crib with fall out protection and cribs with mesh or mesh covers. In the offers you find the high-quality cot with fall out protection already at favourable prices. If you buy a convertible cot with fall out protection, you can save money because you buy a single bed for many years. Inform yourself here about the selection for children’s beds with fall out protection in best quality online.


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