The right desk for children to start school

now your child is coming to school. The start of school should be well prepared and of course this includes the right equipment for the place for the school work. Desks from many manufacturers at different prices are available. But what is the right desk for first grade children?

The first desk for children – table and chair heights

You should take your time choosing the right desk chair and desk for children. The desk can be purchased some time before the start of school so that the child can get used to it well. It is also advantageous if pre-school children are already advising on activities such as painting, children’s puzzles and sitting more at an ergonomically designed table with the right chair. So you can opt for a children’s desk from the age of 5 that can be adjusted in height along with the chair.  Here the measurements for school and after-school care are specified for different age groups. With 5 years your child will be between approx. 1.10 to 1.13 m and with 6 years approx. 1.18 to 1.19 m tall. Within the next two years the child will gain about 2 cm. The height-adjustable chair and desk for children should therefore be adaptable to these sizes. Seat and table height for 5-year-old children correspond to size 2 with 31 cm seat and 53 cm table height. Average 6-year-olds need table height 3 of 59 cm and seat height of 35 and at 7 years the table height must be 4 64 cm and the chair seat must be 38 cm high. Of course, your child can be smaller or larger than average. Then the heights have to be adjusted to fit the body.

The ergonomic chair and desk for children

An ergonomic workplace is as important for school beginners as it is for 10-graders and adults. In addition to the correct height adjustment, important features are the adjustable worktop on the desk for children and a good desk chair. Please pay special attention to the chair. The best desk misses its goal for healthy sitting with the wrong chair. The desk chair should be safe and of high quality, have lockable castors or a fixed frame and allow mobility. Your child should be able to lean back, sit freely, bend forward and make unhindered sideways movements. Rigid sitting is rejected according to the latest findings. The first desk for children should have a tilting worktop. The tabletop should be inclined 16 degrees so that your child can write, paint and read upright at the table. The desk for children with adjustable inclination of the worktop allows an extensive adaptation to different sitting positions. Your child sits healthy when the knees and elbows have a 90-degree flexion and the feet lie effortlessly on the floor. Ergonomic sitting and freedom of movement during sitting prevent postural damage, headaches and back problems. You should protect your child well from such complaints and damages, because with time it will spend more and more hours at the desk for children.

The new children’s desk for your little child should be of very good quality. A desk for children must meet the test criteria for children’s furniture. It should therefore be free of harmful substances, colourfast, very stable and durable. The worktops are usually made of wood-based materials with a high-quality coating. Table frames made of wood or metal are particularly resilient. Adjustment functions for height and plate inclination should be easy and straightforward to operate. It is advantageous if the children’s desk has a hook for the schoolbag and a pen tray on the top. A drawer is an advantage. Adjustable and tiltable tables, however, usually have no drawers. Here you should additionally buy a roll container, a side table with pull-outs. Of course, there is still the classic desk for children made of wood or wood-based material with various drawers depending on size and even the corner desk. However, since the ergonomics only meet the requirements in the higher school classes, your ABC shooter should prefer the model with inclination and height adjustment. At least up to the 3rd or 4th class this desk is ideal for children. A desk for children for the first years of school should also be easy to care for. He will get some paint stains and the child will use him for some handicrafts. High-quality coated surfaces are easy to clean and often resistant to abrasion.

Where should the new desk be?

The right place for the desk for children is very important. In any case, daylight is preferable to artificial light. If it is only possible to place the desk under the loft bed or away from the window, your child needs a good, bright desk lamp. Ideally, the desk for children should be placed next to the window. This ensures a lot of daylight and the child is still not dazzled. If the school workstation is not glare-free, a bright roller blind or a light slat curtain should exclude the glare. Please keep in mind that the entire space for school work takes up more space than just a desk for children. Your child needs sufficient storage space to keep the learning materials tidy. This place also has a special role to play. Here your child should be able to work calmly and concentrated. Therefore, the children’s desk should not be placed between play shelves, in a crammy play corner or within reach of smaller, playing siblings. If several siblings share the children’s room, you can also place the desk for the older child in a different room, where your school beginner will find enough peace and quiet.

Desk for children – the child should like the learning place

At least the first two school years, maybe even the four years of primary school, this desk will be your child’s home learning place. So let your child have a say in the design. However, a decision should only be possible within the models that meet the above requirements. Maybe the color your child chooses doesn’t match the nursery so well, maybe you find the bright yellow or pink too crass – don’t make a problem of it. The desk for children at home is important. I want your kid to be comfortable with it, not another kid. Make sure you stay in charge when it comes to quality, ergonomics and safety and give your ABC shooter the pleasure of having a wish come true at the start of school. You can sort out the models that are too expensive for your budget right away. In most online shops it is possible to preset the price. By the way, tests have shown that a desk of first-class quality for children can even be inexpensive. Even models for less than 100 dollars often score well in TÜV-certified tests. When comparing different shops for the same product, there are often further savings opportunities. Student desks that get the best to good marks in independent tests also prove themselves with a long service life. A table with many height settings can later be used as a computer workstation. Good chipboards with high-quality coatings and metal frames are indestructible over a long period of time.

A summary of the desk for children

With the start of school, the children’s desk becomes one of the most important pieces of furniture in the children’s room. If you pay attention to ergonomics, the right dimensions and good quality, it makes school work and learning at home easier for the child. A desk for children must always be seen in conjunction with a high-quality, safe and ergonomic desk chair. Safety, quality and healthy sitting should be put before the price decision.


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