Is Garcinia Cambogia Safe During Pregnancy?


Garcinia Cambogia and Pregnancy

Regarding the side effects that Garcinia Cambogia may have during the pregnancy stage, there are yet several ongoing clinical studies that are conducted about garcinia cambogia and pregnancy. This is the current conclusion, and we explain the reasons below: avoid completely and absolutely the ingestion of garcinia cambogia when planning cord blood banking, during all the pregnancy and during all the breastfeeding period, so this is the main conclusion about garcinia cambogia and pregnancy topic.



There is a notorious trend in all media about Garcinia Cambogia. This is a dietary supplement extracted from the tropical fruit of a tree in the Far East. This fruit was consumed by the natives for a long time. People lose weight with its ingestion dramatically, this part is true. It is claimed that there are no side effects in general at all, as it is very natural. Likewise, in particular, no side effects to consider in the relation between garcinia Cambogia and pregnancy.

However, the part that there are no effects between garcinia cambogia and pregnancy, actually this is not true. The Cambogia rinds that the natives extract for their own use are different from the supplement that is consumed in the European Union and America.  There is a chemical process to elaborate on the product and it has a shelf life afterwards. There are no standards in which chemicals the manufacturer should use and no specific principles in the European and American food and drug agencies.

When the different brands that produce Garcinia Cambogia products are tested, it is discovered that the active ingredient required for the weight loss process is just 19% to 32%. The different potency means that there is a chemical preparation and the end product is not so natural as the brands claim. So now the question is if this has effects in the outcome of the discussion between garcinia cambogia and pregnancy.

For this reason, we ask ourselves, which are the side effects that this supplement has, and which consequences entail for the recipient if it is during the pregnancy and breastfeeding stage and if there are effects to consider.

To remain on the safe side, and as a precautionary measure, during breastfeeding and of course, pregnant women, are advised to dismiss the ingestion of this dietary supplement at all. No garcinia cambogia and pregnancy together, to put it short.

This supplement is known to be very effective for weight loss, as we mentioned before. The pregnant woman eats for two persons, herself and the fetus that is developing inside her. So in this case, as the developing fetus will ingest a part of what the mother eats, this will leave her weaker than ever.

The avoidance of Garcinia Cambogia is not only during the pregnancy stage but also later on during the breastfeeding stage. A high reserve of energy is required when the mother goes into labor. As Garcinia Cambogia burns the fats stored in the organism, the pregnant woman cannot replenish the storage of fat required continuously.

The considerations between garcinia cambogia and pregnancy do not end here. During the breastfeeding stage the same prohibition to ingest Garcinia Cambogia remains, as we also explained before: This supplement envisages a suppress of appetite and likewise, an increase of metabolism. Therefore, the mother will feel always satiated, and this satiation will immediately discourage her from consuming meals.

Garcinia Cambogia And Pregnancy: Conclusions

Garcinia Cambogia normally interferes with blood pressure and percentage of sugar in blood and also for this reason it is not safe neither during pregnancy nor during breastfeeding period. This supplement has the attribute of interfering with the aforementioned functions in a way that cannot be predicted. A notorious shift in blood pressure might be hazardous for the developing fetus and the mother.

As a conclusion for the evaluation of the effects of garcinia cambogia and pregnancy, we can define that the mother has to consult her physician and that in general, this dietary supplement has to be dismissed completely during pregnancy, during breastfeeding, and moreover, when considering cord blood banking.


  1. Please reply! Uninformed mothers may think this is a supplement that will support them and the life growing within them!

  2. I am not certain that my first comment was received. Amazon is posting ads for Garcinia Cambogia within its section on family planning, among the condoms and pregnancy tests. I think this product placement is more than a coincidence.
    Amazon is listed as a major company that plans to fund its employees’ abortions. Pro-life users of Amazon will find great difficulty adjusting to life without it. YouTubers, and other Affiliates and Associates of Amazon may find some or all of their income lost. I haven’t looked at ebay yet. Does anyone know?

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