Hemorrhoids: Home remedies

Hemorrhoids: Home remedies that help

What helps against hemorrhoids? There are some hemorrhoid home remedies that can relieve symptoms well. In severe cases of illness they can support orthodox medical treatment. Read all about “What to do about hemorrhoids”!

Haemorrhoid home remedies: food and drink

The best home remedies for haemorrhoids are often the simplest: the problem is usually caused by increased pressing during bowel movements. People with constipation (constipation) tend to do this. So, if you prevent constipation, you also prevent hemorrhoids. That is to say:

Eat a diet high in fibre, for example wholemeal products, pulses, vegetables and fruit.  Soaked dried fruits (such as prunes) have a laxative effect.

An additional haemorrhoid home remedy with lots of fibre is wheat bran, linseed or Indian flea seed. You can take one tablespoon of it a day, together with at least one glass of water. The combination with a lot of liquid ensures that the swelling substances in the intestine can swell up well.

In general, if you are constipated, you should ensure that you drink plenty of fluids. Recommended is 1.5 to 2 litres per day, preferably in the form of water or tea.

Avoid stuffing foods such as bitter chocolate, cocoa, blueberries, grated apple and mashed banana. Also unfavorable is long black tea.

Also avoid foods that irritate the mucous membrane. These include coffee and spicy dishes.

Haemorrhoid home remedies: Further tips

What helps with hemorrhoids is also a lot of exercise: Anyone who is physically active on a regular basis gets their bowels going. This prevents constipation and makes bowel movements easier – a great advantage for painful hemorrhoids!

Caution with laxatives! Some make the bowel sluggish when taken over a longer period of time and thus cause a renewed constipation.

Incidentally, being overweight promotes the development of annoying haemorrhoids. Therefore: If you are overweight, you should lose weight. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise will help here.

Sitting baths with anti-inflammatory tanning agents such as oak bark offer quick help with haemorrhoids. This haemorrhoid home remedy stops the inflammatory process in the anus and thus helps against itching and pain.

If you have pain while sitting, you can use a haemorrhoid cushion. This is usually an inflatable ring that does not put any strain on the affected region when sitting and thus reduces the acute symptoms. By the way, such a cushion is also helpful if you have pain when sitting after a haemorrhoid operation.

Help with hemorrhoids: Correct toilet access

Haemorrhoids are often caused by heavy pressing during bowel movements. Therefore, take enough time to defecate and do not push too hard. Try to relax instead. It can also be helpful to place a stool for your feet in front of the toilet. The resulting curved posture supports the bowel movement.

Also try to get your body used to fixed toilet times. For example, always go to the toilet after breakfast. In this way you get your bowels used to a regulated rhythm.

After defecation, clean the anal region with water or a pH-neutral, mild washing lotion. It is better to use a soft cloth than toilet paper. Then carefully pat the anal area dry. Avoid strong rubbing! Wet wipes with anti-inflammatory active ingredients are practical when you are on the move. They should be free of perfume and preservatives.

Haemorrhoid home remedies as an accompanying approach

The best answer to the question “What to do about haemorrhoids” is to choose a holistic therapy approach. Use hemorrhoid home remedies and dietary changes as well as ointments and other remedies prescribed by your doctor. For advanced haemorrhoids, you may consider other treatment options, such as surgery. In addition, you can also use haemorrhoid home remedies to alleviate your symptoms.

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