Home Remedies For Tonsillitis 

Using home remedies for tonsillitis is generally popular (Source), however not necessarily a definitive treatment. (Source) In fact, wraps around the throat and a saline solution for gargling can relieve the symptoms (Source). Various herbal remedies often help to treat tonsillitis, as one of the treatment options for this condition (Source). Surgery is also a treatment (Source), but not always is needed by the patient subject to this condition (Source)

To read about tonsillitis in general, we have a complete study in this article, that is updated frequently. Regarding tonsil stones, we have discussed the topic extensively in this article.

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ICD Codes A36 J35 J03

home remedies for tonsillitis 

Many people use household remedies for (purulent) tonsillitis, as recommended by grandmothers: Drinking a hot lemon or gargling with salt water can be very beneficial. The sore throat and difficulty swallowing can often be relieved with a warm neck compress. However, if the patient prefers it and does not feel chilly or cold, a cool neck compress can also be used (for example with curd cheese).


Non-medicated lozenges (such as sage candy) can also relieve pain and a scratchy throat. They ensure that the inflamed palatine tonsils are increasingly wetted by the swallowed saliva.


You should also follow general tips for tonsillitis. This includes resting, drinking a lot, and not smoking. A humidified room air is also perceived as pleasant by many sufferers.

Tonsillitis: Home Remedies From Plants

Various medicinal plants are used as household remedies against tonsillitis. Depending on the plant, the anti-inflammatory, slime-forming and/or antiseptic ingredients are used. Some plants can also reduce the blood circulation of the palatine tonsils and thus have an analgesic effect. Some plants also improve bad breath, which can be quite unpleasant in the case of tonsillitis.

Household remedies on a herbal basis have often been used in medicine for hundreds of years. However, the effect has not been sufficiently scientifically researched and proven in all cases. Among other things, the following herbal household remedies are often used for tonsillitis:

These medicinal plants are used for example in the form of tea, gargle, juice, extract, pastilles, and/or drops. Sometimes different medicinal plants are also combined with each other, for example in a mixture. You should ask your doctor or pharmacist about the exact dosage and use of medicinal plants and their preparations. Your doctor or pharmacist can also inform you about possible risks and side effects and tell you when a medicinal herb preparation is not suitable. For example, alcoholic solutions are not suitable for children and alcoholic people.

Benefits and limitations

Simple home remedies for tonsillitis can usually relieve minor complaints so that many patients do not go to the doctor at all. This is also legitimate for mild sore throats without fever.

However, it is not advisable to use household remedies against severe purulent tonsillitis and to avoid medical treatment (Source). In certain forms of tonsillitis and complications of the disease, without adequate treatment, the patient’s condition may deteriorate and delay healing. Therefore, as a precaution, you should consult your family doctor, especially if a fever also occurs. He can prescribe the necessary medication and give you helpful tips. In addition to conventional medical treatment, you can also use household remedies for severe tonsillitis – preferably in consultation with your doctor.

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