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Pimple squeezing – yes or no?

Pickel ausdrücken | Ja oder nein? | Eucerin

Squeezing Pimples – briefly explained

It is really not a good idea to get rid of a pimple yourself! There are many reasons for this: above all, inflammation can worsen and scarring can occur. Better: Clean the skin regularly, e.g. with a suitable peeling medicament.

How do pimples form?

A morning look in the mirror – and poof, someone is spreading their face. No question: Pimples are annoying, look unattractive and in the worst case they even hurt. No wonder that the temptation now becomes almost irresistibly strong to simply express it. Because who wants to go to the office or to friends with a conspicuous white-red dot on their face? So what to do? Dare, or better still, leave it alone?

When people talk about “pimples”, most people think of the so-called closed comedones – these can be recognized by their white coloration. Hence the other name “Whitehead”. If the inflammation continues under the skin, pustules and papules develop from the comedones.

In contrast to this are the much more harmless “Blackheads”. These are open comedones. Their typical dark colouring is not caused by dirt, but by the oxidation of the skin pigment melanin contained in the sebum with the oxygen in the air.

The bacteria in the sebum trigger an immune response that becomes visible as inflammation, e.g. B. as a pustule (“pimple”). The comedo remains closed and the surrounding tissue ignites.

The development of such blackheads and pimples is the same in both cases: due to excessive hornification and an overproduction of skin lipids, the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands become blocked. The sebum can no longer drain off quickly enough and a kind of graft forms. And this is basically where the danger begins. This is because the sebaceous gland secretion accumulated in the skin forms a food source for bacteria, which can multiply quickly. This triggers an immune reaction that becomes visible as inflammation. Here you will learn exactly how and why pimples develop.

Open comedo with a typically dark crest

The bacteria in the sebum trigger an immune reaction which becomes visible as an inflammation, e.g. as a pimple (“pimple”). It remains closed and the surrounding tissue becomes inflamed.

Is it dangerous to squeeze pimples?

Squeezing pimples is the fastest way to get an acne scar!

No matter how appealing it may seem, anyone who engages in popping pimples takes a risk. It is really not a good idea. Basically, any manipulation of the acne symptoms – whether with the fingers or with home bathroom accessories such as nail scissors or needles – should be avoided. There is a very high risk that unclean work will result in an infection, which is associated with a risk of scarring.

In addition, it cannot be ruled out that the person affected cannot differentiate his acne symptoms precisely and instead of relatively superficial comedones, opens deeper papules. The so-called “deep cleansing” is reserved for an experienced specialist cosmetician who opens such pimples and blackheads under hygienic conditions with sterile instruments.

Anyone who suffers from skin that tends to impurities can have a professional skin cleansing carried out regularly in a beauty salon.

Even if it seems so attractive: Anyone who expresses pimples takes a risk.

Get rid of pimples without squeezing them out

Anyone suffering from acne pimples wants to get rid of these annoying little blemishes as quickly as possible. So what helps against pimples? A regular and conscientious facial care routine for impure skin plus a healthy diet for acne and sufficient exercise are more than just the beginning.

Here we have put together a whole range of tips against pimples.

Those affected by acne can, for example, also regularly use a wash peeling medicament, which opens one or two comedones purely mechanically

By the way: Many dermatological practices also have their own cosmeticians who specialize in the treatment of impure skin – they know how best to remove blackheads.

By the way: Many dermatologists also have their own beauticians who specialize in treating blemished skin – they know how best to remove blackheads.

Squeezing pimples – 6 important tips

Again, we do not recommend that you squeeze pimples yourself! But if it really has to be done, at least follow our 6 tips so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

By the way: Many dermatologists also have their own beauticians who specialize in treating blemished skin – they know how best to remove blackheads.

1. Hands off “subterranean” pimples: If the pimple lies even deeper under the skin, you should definitely leave it alone! A “normal” pimple needs one or two days before it comes to the surface. Only when a clearly visible white dome has formed, you can try it – if you have to.

2. Ensure strict hygiene: Clean and disinfect the area around the pimple thoroughly – preferably with alcohol. And not only the skin around the pimple, but also the hands should be germ-free. So wash thoroughly with soap and best use a disinfectant.

3. Open the pick carefully: To open the pimple, please do not squeeze it wildly. Better: Use a sterile(!) needle to gently prick the closed pimple so that it opens.

4. Emptying the pimple: A comedone squeezer or lifter (also called a blackhead remover) is best suited for this. It should also be well disinfected, of course. If you do not have one, take a cosmetic tissue and carefully press your fingers sideways under the pimple. Stop as soon as clear fluid or blood emerges.

5. Clean the wound: Now dab a little antibacterial facial tonic on the spot and leave the area alone for at least half an hour to allow the wound to close.

6. Appropriate care: Covering make-up or a rich cream would be rather counterproductive now. It is better to apply a light, skin-soothing lotion. Find out here what you can do against pimple marks if a dark spot develops after healing.

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