Skin tightening in the face: Facial Yoga

Skin tightening in the face: Facial Yoga

Joy, sadness, anger: Our face tells us how we feel – 16 different muscles take care of that. And the best thing is that if you train these muscles regularly, you can help to keep your youthfully firm looking skin on your face for longer

Here you can find out exactly how anti-aging facial gymnastics works and what you should pay attention to during the exercises.

Wrinkle formation in the face – the consequences of agingWith age, our skin increasingly loses elasticity, volume and density. The consequences: small eye wrinkles (crow’s feet), unavoidable drooping cheeks and less pronounced facial contours. The youthful V-shape of the face is particularly attractive. Because high cheekbones and full cheeks are important features of firm skin. Sharp contours and full lips are considered particularly attractive.The first signs of aging first appear on your face – but you can do something about it.

How facial gymnastics works

Good training: facial yoga for firmer skin

There is indeed a lot that can be done to delay the signs of skin aging a little. For example, make sure you eat a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep, conscientious skin care – and: Train your facial muscles with facial gymnastics. In this way you promote an evenly radiant and firm skin.

Skin tightening in the face: Facial Yoga

The training takes place whenever you can, whether in the office, at home or on the road. It is important that you do the exercises regularly so that you see a change.

Facial Gymnastics Step by Step

Tighten your skin with our Anti-Age exercises

Exercise 1: Tighten hanging corners of the mouth

This training exercise is particularly simple. Smile strongly and stroke out your smile lines. Do this face training for about 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat this facial exercise 5 times in total.

Skin tightening in the face: Facial Yoga

Exercise 2: Promote skin tightening on the forehead

You would like to avoid small wrinkles and lines in the forehead area? Then this exercise is exactly the right thing for you! Gently pluck the skin above your eyebrows with your index finger and thumb from the inside out. Repeat the exercise in the temple area. For about half a minute – then repeat the whole thing 4 more times.

Skin tightening in the face: Facial Yoga

Exercise 3: Get a nice chin line

Simply stretch your chin forward and stick out your tongue as far as possible. Now pull the tip of your tongue towards your right ear. Now place your hands flat on both cheeks and gently pull the skin outwards. This way you avoid wrinkles. Hold this exercise for 10 seconds. In total you should repeat the so-called “Cobra” exercise 5 times. Then change the page and repeat 5 times.

Skin tightening in the face: Facial Yoga

Exercise 4: Say goodbye to unattractive eye wrinkles

This training exercise is simple but effective. Just open your eyes as wide as you can. You should look like an owl. Now look up until there is a slight pull in the eye area. Fix this pose for about 5 seconds. Now look to the left side and stay there as well. Finally, look to the right side. Now you can relax. Repeat the whole process about 5 times.

Skin tightening in the face: Facial Yoga

Exercise 5: Fight flabby cheeks

Massage your cheeks in small circles with your index fingers. This stimulates the blood circulation and tightens. Now use your fingers to pull the corners of your mouth outwards and simultaneously upwards. It was supposed to look like they were smiling. Continue pulling upwards until you feel your lower cheekbones. Hold on for about 5 seconds. Then clamp the cheeks between the middle and index finger and gently pull them outwards. Keep this pose short. Repeat the individual exercises 10 times.

Skin tightening in the face: Facial Yoga

Exercise 6: Facial gymnastics against nasolabial folds

Form a kissing mouth and press the lips together. Now tighten the nostrils and press them together. Hold for half a minute and then repeat 4 more times.


Skin tightening in the face: Facial Yoga

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