The carpet in the children’s room – ideal for crawling and playing

If your baby leaves the bed and crawls across the floor, a good carpet should already be laid out in the nursery. From now on, the floor will become a play and learning area for the next few years. Children’s carpets offer a pleasant background for the little explorers.

Carpet for the children’s room –
think first of one’s health

The great designs are tempting, the prices often also. This tempts many parents to grab a carpet for the children’s room just by looking at pretty pictures and colours. But be careful. There are invisible dangers lurking here. Carpets underlaid with foam steam out some carcinogenic substances. Bonded carpets evaporate harmful substances from the adhesive over a long period of time. Some small carpets can do more damage to your child than a plop on the floor. When buying a carpet for a children’s room, it is therefore important to consider low pollution, slip resistance and the possibility of hygienic care first. Only carpets with appropriate quality seals that exclude dangerous chemical substances should be considered for selection. Special attention is paid to the carpet for the children’s room. The little ones breathe while playing and crawling directly over the carpet, put things in their mouths that lie on it, fall asleep on the carpet. Later, they rage and jump on it, whirling up much more dust from the fibers than adults who only walk over carpets. Whether in the carpet shop or when buying carpets for the children’s room online – first look at the material and test seal and then at the design. Please also keep in mind that your baby will not only play on the carpet in the nursery. Therefore, health aspects should be considered for all carpets in the home.

Inspiration for your dwarf room

Natural fibre or synthetic fibre –
children’s carpets

From a purely emotional point of view, many parents trust a natural fibre more than a synthetic fibre when it comes to carpets for children’s rooms. Natural fibre carpets made of wool or cotton have very good properties if they have been tested and are as far as possible free of harmful substances. However, all wool carpets must be treated with moth protection. Long-term studies on effects in infants are not yet available. Products should bear the seal for the standard Oeko-Tex 100. In previous tests, various children’s carpets made of polyamide and other synthetic fibres performed very well. It should be noted that the fibres are antistatic, no harmful dyeing processes are used, the carpet for the children’s room is colourfast and contains no chemical pollutants. The GUT seal of approval stands, for example, for testing for harmful substances such as vinyl chloride, formaldehyde and PCP. Very strict test standards are generally followed by the TÜV eco-label for carpets or carpets for children’s rooms. Tested for harmful substances and with the appropriate seals, a children’s carpet made of high-quality synthetic fibres is absolutely trustworthy. Good children’s carpets made of synthetic fibres are easy to care for, waterproof and inexpensive at best quality (see tests online). On the positive side, the majority of brand carpets for children, made of both natural and synthetic fibres, perform well overall.

Fun on the carpet
in the nursery

Actually, every carpet in the nursery is a play carpet. After all, you buy one of these extra carpets so that your child can play on it. However, products that contain certain game ideas are referred to as game carpets. These are e.g. children’s carpets with marked roads, railway tracks, the farm and similar prepared play areas. Your baby crawling can’t judge which carpet in the nursery it would like best. Therefore, parents alone have the choice of buying a children’s rug with popular child figures, animals, cars, Barbie, flowers, the unicorn or ships. Even with the same and similar motifs, there is often a choice of different colours. Otherwise, children’s carpets in one thousand and one color are beautifully colorfully designed. Toddlers already have their favourite animals, figures and colours. You should not ignore such preferences, because your child will find his room all the more beautiful if he also really likes the carpet in the children’s room.

Choose the right size for the children’s carpet

If the children’s room is covered with a carpet, it will cover the whole floor. Today, however, the carpet in the children’s room on a wiping floor is preferred. This facilitates hygienic room cleaning. The size of the children’s carpet will depend on the size of the children’s room and the arrangement of the furniture. It makes sense if the carpet in the children’s room is laid out in front of the cot. Then your child will get out of bed on a non-slip, soft floor.

Do not choose a carpet that is too small for the children’s room. Your child should be able to play on it imaginatively. There’s gonna be a lot of toys spreading out on it later. It will also play on the carpet in the children’s room with other children or siblings. Most manufacturers offer a children’s carpet in the same design in several sizes. The design can also be chosen for a round or square carpet for the children’s room. Its length should in any case extend far beyond the length of the cot. In the best case, the children’s carpet fills the middle of the children’s room as much as possible. You avoid tripping hazards for the child, for example when the carpet extends from the bed to the furniture opposite and in length perhaps almost or completely to the end of the room. A single larger carpet in the nursery makes more sense than two smaller carpets. Several carpets, however pretty they may be, are only a hindrance when playing. Such a decision is recommended at the earliest at school age, when the child expresses his or her own furnishing wishes and no longer plays permanently on the floor.

Carpet for the children’s room
buy cheap online

When buying a carpet for the children’s room, the price should only be considered after the quality. Online in the many shops an immensely large selection of high-quality, tested children’s carpets from brand manufacturers is offered. For product information, you don’t have to search for stickers on the merchandise or keep a long lookout for sellers. You can view the detailed product description including the test seals right away. Products without detailed information should rather not be short-listed. Many shops also offer personal advice on buying carpets. Customer reviews can be helpful. In addition, you have the best online opportunities for in-depth price comparisons. Carpets of the best quality are often offered in online shops at particularly favourable prices. You can use the price comparison directly for a chosen carpet for the children’s room and buy it at the best conditions. In the large shops, high-quality children’s carpets are often offered very cheaply in the Sale. Online shop promotions and discount vouchers offer further opportunities to save money when buying carpets for the children’s room online. Another big advantage of buying online is that you don’t have to take your baby or toddler on long trips to shops. You can check the products and prices at home while the little one sleeps.

Choose critically, buy cheap –
Carpet for the children’s room

For children’s carpets there is a myriad of great offers in all sizes and colours. As the tests show, most carpets also pass a critical test with good marks. If you take a close look at the product descriptions and pay critical attention to meaningful test seals, you will find the right carpet for your children’s room quickly and cheaply online.


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